Life Builders United, Inc.

"Building Families to Build Communities"

Chief Servant Bio

 Ms Geraldine Smith 
                              HONORING HER PURPOSE  TO THE CALL OF GOD


 Ms. Geraldine Smith is the author of two books with a compelling testimony of God’s transforming power. Remember me, and A Pleasant Encounter was written during the most devastating time of her life.  They were written while she was on death row.  She is the co-author of Hagar god loves you and so do we.  Ms. Smith’s oratorical style and zeal for Christ can be heard weekly on WYCA 103.3 FM RADIO, as she hosts her own talk show- A PLEASANT ENCOUNTER, She has many accomplishment to her credit, She is a certified Legal Assistant with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the American Christian College and Seminary, she has a sanitation License through the State of Illinois Department of Public Health.

Ms. Mabry-Smith has conducted in-depth studies of the Bible and has documented her finding.  Some of her written works  are “A Complete Bible Study Guide, from Genesis to Revelation, This in-depth study of each book with word definition help bring a clear understanding of what the passage is revealing from old to present.  “In the Beginning”, is a Bible research project. It began as a trail of the angels of God and their assignments, it was expanded  into various directions of deep study.  It is a study of unpopular events hidden beneath the carnal eye, and revealed to the spirit by the Holy Spirit Himself.  “How to Understand the Bible” a complete and careful work on how to understand specifies with the written scriptures. “The Revelation,” in this you will encounter a complete field of vision and eye-opening perspective of the Revelation given to John.

Ms. Mabry-Smith relates well to others and has used this gift to inspire individuals and teach illiterates how to read.  She has served as a care Counselor working one on one to improve job skills, work ethics and etiquette.  She served as volunteer paralegal and volunteer Trustee Chaplain, Spiritual Leader, Advisor and Mentor.

Ms. Mabry-Smith works for the Crawford Broadcasting Co. as Project love coordinator and Assistant Account Executive for (WYCA. WPWX, WSRB, AND WYRP Radio Stations) covering the areas of Northeast Indiana, Rockford, and the entire City o Chicago.

She is presently the Founder and CEO of Life Builders United, Inc.

                                                LIFE BUILDERS UNITED,  INC.

Life Builders United, Inc is a Community based organization with a dedicated focus to assist men, women and children in the greater Chicago land and other surrounding Communities.  The mission is to redirect the lives of persons reentering into society from incarceration.  An Organization whose vision began in the heart of the first woman sentenced to death in the state of Illinois. 

Ms Geraldine Smith was the first woman sentenced to death in the state of Illinois.  She was sentenced to be executed by lethal injection May 20, 1990.   After her sentencing Ms. Smith turned her face to the wall asking God to show her, his plan for her life and there afterward God implanted his plan in the depths of her soul and spirit by a vision that would help men, women and children.  From this vision LIFE BUILDERS UNITED, INC. was born, established to be a complete support post with numerous arms to assist men, women and children in various ways. 

The vision was implanted within her while living in a cement coffin, known as death row. Ms. Smith documented her vision, she nurtured it for nineteen (19) years and in 2008, the birth of Life Builders United, Inc. became a reality.

Ms. Smith first steps out of prison were to impart steps that would help others.  Ms. Geraldine Smith made history by becoming the first woman sentenced to death in the State of Illinois after the re-instating of the death penalty.  After years of incarceration she never lost hope or the genuine sound of God’s voice.  For nineteen (19) years she held within her mind and spirit the vision that was given to her in the most devastating time of her life. 

In February 2008, Ms. Smith was released from prison.  Her release was etched in history again as the only woman ever released from an Illinois State Prison who had been on death row. On the day of her release she brought only one tangible thing out of the prison’s doors with her.  She brought with her the aged plans, documented for many years, held tightly within her arms.  Today that document serves as the BIRTH CERTIFICATE  for the Life Builders United, Inc. 

The first steps of this Organization is etched in the heart of one hundred and twenty-five (125) children who received Christmas care bags only a few months after her release.  The care bags were produced by C.H.I.P. Network a care arm of Life Builders United for children who have incarcerated parents. 

Listed in the operation history of the Life Builders, Inc is a cultural history educational production that received outstanding reviews, and to some the best production ever presented.

As a public servant Ms. Smith dedicated the first year of her release to the youths in neighborhoods pledged with violence.  She remembered the many hurting mothers locked behind bars so she gave herself to help any child in need.  Her case load grew to more than fifty (50), youths who depended on her for guidance and safety.

A few months down the road Ms. Smith launched a call for help from her radio talk show asking for help to produce a labor day back to school festival for the Englewood area.  Several kindred spirited women and men from across the city and neighboring towns answered the call and the event became more than words can describe.  From this event each child was provided basic school supplies to give them a better start.  The supplies were donated by various vendors and were estimated at more than $70,000 dollars in valuable given on this day.  We thanked God as more than three (3) thousand people gathered and not one disagreement was shared, it was truly a show of the unity of the spirit among the people.

At the helm of Life Builders United is a woman dedicated to help others.  She has held weekly mentoring meeting with fifteen (15) to twenty (20) women per meetings.  She is a motivational speaker for various churches and Organizations.  She host a weekly radio talk show entitle *A PLEASANT  ENCOUNTER,* a talk show that began while she was in prison from the WYCA 102.3 fm radio station.

Ms. Smith has a prison ministry where she goes into the prison to teach.  She is the author of two (2) books, and is presently working on *INSIDE OUT , NOW  OUTSIDE IN*, a model to help churches, Organizations. Etc. to provide an eyewitness account of what is needed for those incarcerated and for those who are released. 

As a community builder on September 25, 2009 she received the *NEHEMIAH AWARD* an award given in honor of building community one brick at a time. This award represents preparation, inspiration and persistence. The office of the Mayor, city of Chicago recognized her for the civic leadership provided to the Greater Englewood community.

Included in the content of the vision given by God some twenty-two (22) years ago is housing for men, women, mentoring, and a variety of educational programs for women and children.  To accomplish this Life Builders United needs housing, office space, furniture, and other necessities to continue to serve the people God so love.  For the past two (2), years the Life Builder united work has been done from the house of Ms. Geraldine Smith, and her personal vehicle has been used to provide street out-reach to areas where her clients congregates.  This same personal vehicle is the only transportation for donated items for an entire neighborhood. 


Ms. Geraldine work for the Crawford Broadcasting Company.  She hosts the radio show a “pleasant Encounter”, covering the areas of northeast Indiana, Rockford, and the entire City of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

Ms. Geraldine is presently the Chief Executive Officer of LIFE BUILDERS UNITED, INC. a community organization with various arms reaching to assist the needs of the people in the greater Chicagoland and surrounding communities.  She is a community coordinator for care assignment for the neighborhood, and is an active role model for many.  She serves many communities and individuals through her live talk show, which is designed to reach and enhance all.  She works with several organizations across the city and suburbs.  She is an advocate for the cause of men and women who are, and have been incarcerated and battered..

She serves as a motivational speaker in churches, public schools and various organizations.  Presently, she is finishing another book as a prison model, and eyewitness account of what is needed to help those in and outside of prison.  The name of this book is, “INSIDE OUT, NOW OUTSIDE IN.”

In March 2010, the Chicago Police department, District 7, honored her with an award as one of Chicago’s most amazing women.

May 2011, Ms. Geraldine Smith became a volunteer Coordinator of Program for the Cook County jail, the largest county jail in the state of Illinois. She was also installed as a member of the Cook County Clergy advisory board of directors to the present county Sheriff, Mr. Tom Dart.

November 23-29, 2011 the Chicago Defender Newspaper honored Ms. Smith on the front page cover of the Defender Newspaper regarding her

history making plight on death row and the history of becoming the first woman ever to be release from death row in the state of Illinois.  The Chicago Defender wrapped it news arm around the excellent work Ms. Smith is doing for men, women and children through her Organization Life Builders United, Inc.

2011 ended in favor of all the hard work done over the years as the men and women prison ministry supported by the Chicago Aids Foundation honored Ms Smith as the precipitant of their award for excellent work in prison ministry inside the Department of Correction.

October 21,2012, Ms Geraldine Smith was honored by the Illinois Adventists Prison Ministry Organization's Officer (I.A.P.M.O.) She was presented the National Service Award for the State of Illinois from the Alliance of prison Ministry Organizations and Affiliates, an international, North America based, self supporting prison ministry organization.